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CTA Builds practices EXTREME Aging-in-Place!

Somewhere between the Stairway to Heaven and the Long and Winding Road, this real, live concrete and brick stairway lyrically connects a stately Laurelhurst residence to the shore of Lake Washington.  For as long as anyone can remember, it has always been equal parts sheer pleasure and a vertical challenge to navigate.  Who wouldn’t answer the call of a magical-rickety-bending-heaving-twisting-winding-tree-shrouded stairway to the lake? Of course adventurous spirits would, but aging, wobbly knees tend to complain.   CTA Builds was called in to take care of this condition; (the stairway, not the knees!)       The owners wanted to add a handrail to prevent folks from falling down the steep-slope stairway, (although no one is known to have taken a tumble since the house was built in 1923), and possibly to provide elderly folks with a boost going back up. Truly, all that was required was one thing; a simple metal hand rail would do the trick. So,

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Buzz sayz: “Come join us at the AWB Spring Dinner & Fundraiser Wed March 19th!”

My Seattle Architects Without Borders group is having a dinner and fundraiser next week at the Seattle Impact Club. This year, we have an extraordinary Nepal connection; Dan Mazur, the world famous Mt. Everest mountain climber and guide, will be our guest speaker. In addition to his fantastic extreme climbing stories, Dan will also be speaking about a critical project he brought to us last year regarding a convent in serious need located on the severe slopes of Everest: the dilapidated and nearly uninhabitable but still active Deboche Nunnery. For more information on this event and the story of the project, go to: http://awb-seattle.org/beyondbasecamp/ We’d love to have you come so you can get to know us and see what we’re doing right here in Seattle, and in such places as Haiti, Peru, Nepal, and Kenya. Architects Without Borders is a group of local Seattle Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Engineers, and other interested folks who  come together

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Announcing –Architects Without Borders: School Project in Cabaret, Haiti

Buzz and his Seattle Architects Without Borders (AWB-S) volunteer team are now working on a new school in Haiti. The group has been studying the landforms, microclimate, building precedents, adjacent sites, and Haitian history and heritage. Their studies illuminated the deeply rooted model of the “Lakou” and its importance in the conceptual design of the campus. As a result, AWB has integrated the post-plantation Haitian idea of Lakou, or the extended and egalitarian family compound, into the design; this traditional concept is being celebrated, utilized and expanded upon. Located west of Port Au Prince in the town of Cabaret, the school is situated on 17 acres of hilly but barren hillside just a mile or two outside of town.  The school will provide a high school or post-secondary education and vocational training for 3,000 students, with some students and faculty living on site.  See one of the site plan options they’re

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CTA Design Builders AIA Home of the Month featured in Seattle Magazine

CTA Design Builders AIA Home of the Month featured in Seattle Magazine, March 2014 “Small home” architecturally remodeled projects can reap big rewards – and awards! Julie Campbell’s design work on the 1,400sf Magnolia home featured in Seattle Magazine this month, truly exemplifies the importance of Architecture in Remodeling. So much so, in fact, that AIA Seattle architects voted Julie’s serene and spa-like mid-century modern remodel/addition project “Home of the Month” for March. The structure and setting provided the cues; what was left to be done was to artfully apply the creative addition and design techniques that Julie is known for. To expand the modest 1,100sf home as requested, an airy and tranquil second level master suite was added. Although the addition was a mere 300sf, Julie applied her attitude of “fill the space with light and let the outdoors in” to create a special flow from the existing structure into the new.  Adding

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